A TENDER PLANT:  Isaiah 53:2a(AMP)- “For [the Servant of God] grew up before Him like a tender plant, and like a root out of dry ground.” I know this passage speaks of Jesus, but I believe a tender plant is what I am as well; fragile, growing in dry ground, unimpressive in the eyes of the world. Yet God nurtures me, causes me to grow, and uses me for His service. How humbling! Praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

Who am I? Child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher. I live in rural northwest Iowa with my husband and 4 boys. I teach children with visual impairments.

What am I doing on a blog? Simply sharing with you what God shares with me. I pray He will use the words here to affect your heart and life. God bless you!!