Antilia, Mumbai, India  This picture is of a twenty-seven story, 400,000-square foot home in India.  It is said to be worth nearly $1 billion, and has it listed as the most expensive residence in the world.  Imagine a little Lego-loving boy who sees a picture of this towering home and becomes enthralled with it.  He decides that he will begin saving a penny a day so that when he is a grown up, he can buy it.  But even in his teen and adult years, he continues to only save one penny a day.  It would take him roughly 273, 972,603 years to save up enough pennies at that rate.  One day the man, who was now in his 60’s, bumped into an older gentleman.  They struck up a conversation.  The gentleman asked the man what his life goal was, and he told him about the pennies and the home he was saving up for.  He admitted that he still only had 21, 170 pennies saved for the home.  Just $211.70.  He could see now that he was running out of time, and that he may not ever realize this childhood dream.  But the old man told him to meet him in that same place in a month, at the exact same time.  If he did, the old man would give him every penny he needed to buy the billion dollar home, no strings attached.  Stunned, the man went on his way.

Over the 30 days the man mulled the whole thing over and over in his mind.  Did that all really happen?  Was this old man someone he could actually trust?  Was it some sort of scam?  Should he even bother wasting his time to go meet the man who probably wasn’t there anyway?

The deadline finally came.  The man looked at his watch, still undecided.  If he was going to go, he needed to leave in 5 minutes.  The seconds ticked by.  Then a minute, and two.  The man walked to his car and began to drive, still thinking he may be the biggest fool ever.  But something inside told him he had to go.  Something inside pushed him along.  He had to take the chance.  He had to know.  He pulled to a stop at the location where he had talked to the old gentleman a month before, and there he was.  The old man was actually there, and held in his hand a large bag.  The man could not believe his eyes when he looked inside and saw piles of $100 bills.  He thanked the gentleman profusely, then headed straight to off to make his coveted purchase.

Now we all know that this kind of thing would never happen in real life.  A child may begin saving pennies, but would eventually grow to understand that saving only a penny a day just wouldn’t cut it.  And when has there been a benevolent old gentleman who has given away a billion dollars to a total stranger for free?  There have certainly been tremendous acts of kindness recorded, but this would be a bit over the top.

The thing is, this story is true!  Well, sort of.  You see, every single human being to ever live, who lives now, or who ever will live, begins this life flat broke and in the red…morally.  Our bank accounts of righteousness are empty.  No matter how many good deeds we do, they will be just like putting pennies in a jar.  Jesus said in John 14:2 – “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.”  There is a real mansion to be had by each one of us.  But saving pennies in a jar will never add up to enough.  Fortunately there is someone in the real world who, just like the old gentleman, has offered to pay the entire cost of the mansion, no strings attached.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  But it is true!  While we cannot possibly save up enough pennies of righteousness, He has offered to give us the entire amount of righteousness out of His own pocket.  The only stipulation is that we have to come to Him to receive it.  Jesus already paid for your mansion when He died on the cross.  Since He is 100% righteous, and then some, He has plenty of righteousness to give.  And He has offered to fill your account with His righteousness.  If you chose to accept His gift, His righteousness will be forever yours.  And one day you will be able to live in the mansion that He has prepared for you.  He is waiting, bag of righteousness in hand.  Won’t you come to Him and accept His free gift?

If you are ready to accept the free gift from Jesus, all you need to do is talk to Him, in your heart or with your mouth.  Admit to Him that you see that you are a sinner and that all your good deeds will not be enough to get you to the mansion in Heaven.  Ask Jesus for His forgiveness and the free gift of His righteousness.  Then thank Him because He promises that when you accept His salvation, He will give it to you.  Please send me a note if you are ready to make this step, or seek out someone you know who already knows Jesus.  And may God bless you!

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