Today the thought of a free refill on anything is enough to make the heart skip a beat.  Our boys are almost never allowed to order soda at a restaurant unless we know there are free refills.  The cost of propane just tripled, or quadrupled…I haven’t done the math, but since we heat our home with it, and this winter has been especially cold, we are kind of noticing the price hike.  An automatic, free refill would be awesome!

Remember the story in 2 Kings chapter 4 about Elisha and the widow woman?  Its one of my all time favorites.  A widow approached Elisha.  Her husband had been a man of God, but died leaving a debt to be paid.  Since she had no money, those to whom she owed the money were going to take her two sons as slaves.  Elisha told her to gather jars, go into her house and fill all of them with oil.  She only had one jar of oil to her name, yet she filled as many jars as her boys could bring to her.  When the last jar was filled, the never-ending oil stopped flowing.  She was able to sell the oil and pay off her debt.

I love that story!  Oil that flows until the need is met.

My Bible memory verse this week is Lamentations 3:21-23 – But I have hope when I think of this:  The Lord’s love never ends; his mercies never stop.  They are new every morning; Lord, your loyalty is great.

What does it mean that the Lord’s love never ends and His mercies never stop?  Automatic refill!!!  Like the oil in the widow’s jar, they never run out.  We can’t use up all God’s love and mercy and then that’s it, no more.  There is no marked gauge on the side of the jar so that when He sets it down you can see there is only 2/3 left, or maybe only a tablespoon or two.  God’s jar of love and mercy is always full, no matter how much or often He pours.  God pours his love and mercy into us, the jars, until we are filled.  And then He automatically refills us, all the way to the top, every morning!

I don’t know about you, but I just needed that reminder today.  Fill me up, Lord!!   and THANK YOU!!!!