Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created….

Snow. I know. It doesn’t say snow in Genesis. But if you believe God created the earth and the sky and everything in them, then you believe God created snow. Snow conjures up all kinds of images and emotions from people. Whether you love it or hate it depends on your personality. Some sit and wonder at the beauty of a new blanket of snow, while others hunker down indoors and try to forget it is outdoors!

What is snow? My official scientific answer is that it is cold, white, wet, and bright. I believe I was told in school that each snow flake is different. Like a human fingerprint, there are no two snowflakes alike. I wonder who decided to take the time to study enough snowflakes to come to that conclusion?

This morning a fellow blogger (, shared a link on her post. Since she only shared it, and did not write about it, I feel at liberty to share it as well. I will do that in a moment.

Hydrologists at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland use a Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscope to study snow flake crystals for water content. They use liquid nitrogen to freeze the crystals to temperatures that cause me pain at the thought. Once in this frozen state, they can study them for long periods of time without worry of them melting away. They have published a number of intensely magnified images of snow crystals on this link:

God is mind-blowing!!!! Consider all the snow that falls all over the world in an entire year, and all the snow flakes it takes to make up all of those blankets and piles of snow! And our God creates each flake with detail that cannot be seen by the naked eye, in fact, can’t even be seen with a normal microscope. He designs each flake with awe-inspiring detail! Did you see the hexagons? And the perfectly straight lines?

While my spirit is flooded with emotion for God that cannot be expressed, I have to admit my human, always busy, mom-brain briefly thought, “How does He have the time to do that?” What a silly girl I am! Because He is GOD! Infinite! All-Knowing! All-Powerful! Omniscient! GOD! We tend to lose the sense of awe and wonder at who HE really is. HE IS GOD!! He created the universe and everything in it, and He has the time to intricately design each and every snowflake, and still take care of the entire world. His mind can handle it! Mine can barely handle what happens in a day, let alone a week. Yet He knows every thought, every pain, every fear, every spoken word, every action, every everything of every person through the history of the entire earth, past, present and future…and He still has time to design snowflakes! And if the capacity of the mind of God is this great, and the care He has to make the unseen snowflake worth looking at, the snowflake that melts on your fingertip in seconds, what is the capacity of His thoughts towards you? You, who are created in His own image. What kind of detail has He designed into your life? And who are we that GODGOD, would pay attention to us? GOD sent His Son to die for me. THAT IS SO HUGE!!!!! GOD! I wish I could write His name as big as He is. There is just no way for us to comprehend how big He is, how powerful He is, How capable He is…and certainly how enormous is His love for us.

A snowflake has left me with awe that my words are completely inadequate to describe. It is no wonder that no one can see God and live! And no wonder we will need new bodies and minds that will be able to tolerate being in His presence in Heaven!!!  I look to the skies and say, “Come Lord Jesus, come!!!!”

May GOD remind each of us who He is every time we see the snow, and may He receive all the glory and honor He is due!!!! Amen!