The Prime Directive is the primary guiding principle in Star Trek.  In short, it prevents any one who is a member of the United Federation of Planets from involving themselves in any alien race in a way that would change the course of history for that species, and any who comes in contact with them.  If an alien species is set on a path to destruction, and the Federation has technology that can put a stop to that, they still may not involve themselves to save that race.  How many episodes have I watched in which an alien culture requested technology to improve their lives, or save their people, but were refused by a star ship captain because that species should learn and develop as a race and come up with the solutions on their own?

God has His own Prime Directive.  Did you know that?  Thankfully it is not the same as the Federation’s directive!  Imagine that the Federation Prime Directive applied to individuals, and each individual was headed for complete destruction.  Their prevailing way of life was a one-way ticket to complete annihilation.  We try to correct the problem on our own, but just don’t have the means available to us, so we seek the assistance of the Federation.  And we are refused.  They have the answers, but we can’t have them, and there is no way possible for us to save ourselves.  How frustrating, and scary!!

God’s “prime directive” is the opposite!  Here we are, floundering in our own efforts to save ourselves from the sin that leads to certain, and eternal destruction.  But we are not doomed to find our own way to salvation…and ultimately fail!!  Hallelujah!!!  God waits for us to call on Him.  When we ask Him to show us the way, He does!  The way is Jesus Christ, and God planned on Jesus being the answer from the very beginning.  He is just waiting.  

Today I am just grateful that God answered my cry for help, and gave me Jesus to change the course of my personal history.  More than that, I am so grateful that the help God gave to change the direction my life did not end once I put my faith in Jesus.  He continues to offer that help daily, moment by moment even, through the direction of the Holy Spirit.  There is never a day I need to feel helpless in this life!  All I need to do is ask for help, and the Holy Spirit of God will direct me.  What a relief to know that I am not out here spinning out of control on my own, but am held steady in the hand of God.

Father, I thank you today for your guidance each day through Your Holy Spirit!  I thank you that, no matter what I am going through, or what any day holds, You are in control!  I don’t have to figure anything out on my own in this world that is beyond my understanding, because I have you to direct my paths.  Thank You, my Lord, and my God!  Amen.