Remember playing Tag as a child? We always had a base. A place where we could run to and not be tagged. The game got a little wild, or we were perilously close to being tagged, if we could just get to home base, we would be safe.

Sometimes I am home base for my boys. They are busy doing what boys do. And there are some who are quite independent. But even the boy who clashes with me the most, will sometimes need home base. He will just come to me and say, “I need a hug.” And that is all. One quick hug, and off he goes again. He stopped at base, got his bearings, found his safety net, and then went back out. A couple of my other boys need longer hugs. They need to have a few moments of knowing my arms around them. One is small, and I can envelope him in my arms. He feels secure. The other one is bigger than me, and he envelopes me in his arms:-) But I am still home base to him.

When this world is chaotic, and spinning like a tornado, we need a home base. Or when someone writes a post about the end times, we may need a home base. Yesterday’s post may have filled many hearts with joy. But there are some who might have been gripped by fear, too. I have been there. Satan sure knows how to use the best news, the greatest hope, the truest promises of God to instill terror into our hearts. But our God is not the God of fear! The promise of Jesus’ return is a glorious hope, and our hearts should celebrate!!!! Any time we are in that grip of fear. Any time we feel out of control for any reason at all. Any time we need a place to feel safe, and take a breath. God has provided a home base for us. Himself.

Psalm 46: 10-11 (NCV) – God says, “Be quiet and know that I am God. I will be supreme over all the nations; I will be supreme in the earth.” The Lord All-Powerful is with us; the God of Jacob is our defender.

Amidst all of the chaos of life, the fear, the worry, the questions and doubt…hush. Shhhhh. Feel the arms of the All-Powerful God envelope you. Know His strength. Draw courage from the safety of His presence. Quiet. Know, without a doubt, that the one, the only, true God, who is supreme over all the nations and earthly powers, and who is supreme over all the earth itself, and who is supreme over the forces of darkness, is holding you, and is in control! Rest. Soak in all that He is, and you will be ready to move forward again.