Last summer a Christian mentor told me that she believed I had the gift of prophecy.  I brushed her off a few times before actually asking her about it.  I confess, at first I thought she was just kidding around.  Then I thought, ‘Oh boy, she is one of those charismatic types that I am not.’  Finally I agreed to pray that God would reveal to me what He needed me to know.  One Sunday morning soon after that our pastor’s Scripture passage began with 1 Corinthians 1:1 (NCV) – “From Paul.  God called me to be an apostle of Christ Jesus because that is what God wanted.”  I instantly knew that God had called me to prophecy…because that is what He wanted.  I surrendered to His leading in this right then and there.  Since then He has taken my faith walk on a whirlwind adventure!  He has brought such growth and change to my life!  It has been absolutely amazing!!!  During this period of growth I have learned from God’s Word that prophecy is not necessarily foretelling the future, although I think that is what many people believe when they first think of it.  In fact, prophecy is sharing God’s messages for the edification of His people.  Sometimes that includes His foretelling of things to come (as with the great prophets of the Old Testament…Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel).  1 Corinthians 14:3 says, “But those who prophesy are speaking to people to give them strength, encouragement, and comfort.”  The second half of verse 22 says, “And prophesy is for people who believe, not for those who do not believe.”   It is as a result of this gifting that God called me to write this blog focusing on Christian living.  While it is still only a few months old, it has been so humbling to see how God is working through it!

This is all background, though.  What I wanted to share with you today is what God has revealed to me over the past year regarding the end times.  Obviously God is not going to share a date and a time, for only He knows that.  But He has given me this (and I think I may have shared bits and pieces of this in other posts, but I felt led to put it all in one place today)…Jesus will return when the last person who will give their heart to Him does so.  God knows who that person is, and when their heart will turn.  That time is soon.  If not with-in my life-time, then in the life-time of my sons (I have 4, 15 years and under, and I am 44).  Also, our current president of the United States is a feeler for the Antichrist.  He is being used in this position of power to push the limits of what society will allow.  There will be others after him.  Satan is watching how the people accept or reject the policies that continue to move us away from God.  When the time comes that resistance to these types of policies is gone (I’m not sure to what extent “gone” means), then the Antichrist will make his appearance.

An interesting side note:  God has placed a goal on my heart to read through the Bible at least 4 more times, each time in a new copy of the Bible, high lighting, marking, and taking notes so that each of my boys will have a copy after I am gone.  But God revealed to me that those Bibles will be read by people left behind after the rapture, and will benefit them.  When my home is no longer occupied, it will be open and used as a refuge for someone during the Tribulation.

I always try to include Bible passages that support what I share with you.  I want you to know that I do my best to only write what the Spirit shares with me through prayer and His Word.  Obviously, in this case, there is no Bible verse that can tell you whether or not what I am telling you is true and from the Holy Spirit of God.  I encourage you to pray about it.  Seek His guidance and ask for Him to reveal to you whether what I have spoken here is truth or not.  This is how you should approach any teaching from any religious leader or teacher, and I hope and pray that you do the same with my posts as well.  As for me, I believe the revelations I have spoken of here with all my heart.  I have no doubt what-so-ever that they are true and from the Holy Spirit.  If I doubted, I would not share them with you.  I pray that God will reveal Himself, and His will to you in this post.  As always, be watchful.  Be ready.  Jesus is coming soon.  We must prepare our hearts, and we must share His good news with the world.  God bless you!!