I love this blog!  I’ll tell you why.  God uses it to keep my eyes focused on Him:-)  I know that He is using it in your lives, because that is, in part, why He called me to write it.  Every time I write, I pray first that I will be the pen in His writing hand, that He will give me the words to write.  I also pray that He will draw those whom He wants to read it here, and that He will see His will accomplished in it.  I don’t know why each of you read it.  I don’t even know that you will receive the message from it that I believe is in it.  I do believe, whole-heartily, that God is using it in some way for His glory.  One of the things I love about it most, though, is that He uses it to teach me!  Even as I write, His words reach down inside of me and fill my soul.  That is awesome!!!

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past couple weeks considering a verse in Hebrews (12:2a).  Paul says, “Let us look only to Jesus, the One who began our faith and who makes it perfect.” (NCV).  The NIV says it this way:  “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”  Look only to Jesus…fix our eyes on Jesus.  This is what God has been working on with me.  I have mentioned in at least one other post that I spend a lot of time driving during the school year.  I spend a lot of that time listening to Christian radio and praying.  My thoughts during that time are largely fixed on Jesus.  Then I arrive at my destination, teach a lesson to my student, consult with his teacher’s aid and teacher, chat with the principal or secretary on the way back out, and set on my way to the next school.  Then I realize…wow, I don’t think I had a single thought of Jesus in that entire time.  I feel a real need to re-connect with Him…re-focus my eyes.

In her book Jesus Calling, Sarah Young likens it to a ballerina who is spinning around.  She must keep her eyes focused on one spot on the wall so that she does not lose balance and fall.  I would like to look a bit more closely at that.  The ballerina cannot physically keep her eyes focused on that one spot every second.  If she did, her neck would be wound so tight, it would snap like a spring!  Each revolution she must spin her head around to catch up with her body, and then re-focus.  I think that is what life is like for us.  Our lives are the ballerina’s body…they just keep spinning and spinning and spinning.  Our souls are our eyes, and that spot on the wall, of course, is Jesus.  As our lives continue to spin, we keep our souls focused on Jesus.  At some point we lose that focus in the business of the spin.  But when we realize it, we need to snap our souls around and catch sight of Him once again.  We are humans.  We live imperfect lives in an imperfect world.  We are going to lose focus now and then.

There is more.  How many of you know what it is to “space off?”  You know, you are sitting comfortably on the couch, watching television.  Your mind wanders.  The  next thing you know, your eyes have gone fuzzy and nothing is clear.  That is about the time some beloved family member or friend snaps their fingers in your face.  You blink, and re-focus.  As our lives/bodies are busy spinning like that ballerina, I think we also have a tendency to let our souls get that spaced-out look.  Not only do we occasionally lose the spot on the wall (Jesus), even when we snap around and see Him again, He may be out of focus.  When you are going through those times, you know Jesus is there with you.  You may not see Him clearly, but He is there.  Whatever you do, don’t let go!  Pray, even when you can’t feel Him.  Pray, even though you may not be able to hear Him.  Pray with all the faith you can muster, even if it is only the size of that mustard seed.  Jesus is there…with you.  He never leaves.  He is never out of control.  And Henever, ever stops loving you!  You are His.  You belong to Him.  He hasn’t given up on you.  Don’t you give up on Him.  Pray.  Ask Him to help you see Him clearly.  Ask Him to once again be the central focus of your life.

May God bless you as you seek Him today, and in the days to come!