I passed through a town today shortly after the funeral procession for a fallen soldier.  Flags lined the streets from one end to the other.  A somber, yet proud moment for the town and the surrounding area as they recognized the man’s sacrifice and honored his service to his country.  I couldn’t help but be affected by the scene.

   As I drove through, awed by the sight, I thought of another parade of sorts.  The Triumphal Entry when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey.  The crowds lined the street to see this one man.  There were no floats, horses or fire trucks.  No police cars, military vehicles, or flags…just Jesus.  Yet they came.  Crowds of people.  Some waved palm branches.  Others laid the branches, or their coats, on the path for Jesus to walk over.  The excitement must have filled the air…anticipation and hope for the one who would rescue them.  And yet we know how that all turned out.  Jesus was indeed lifted up, but not in honor.  He was lifted up on a cross to die, mocked and hated.  His funeral procession was virtually non-existent.  In fact, all of his closest friends deserted Him.  Only two men carried Him away, prepared His body and placed Him in the tomb.  

   Three days later Jesus arose from the dead.  He appeared to His disciples and over 500 people before He ascended to Heaven.  You would think that a man coming back to life would warrant a parade that would lead to an enormous celebration.  But that did not happen, either. 

   Though I was long past the honored serviceman’s town, I continued to consider the flags.  Then I thought about a parade in glory.  Can you imagine?  Instead of the red, white, and blue of our nation; flags glowing pure white, waving high in the air.  People gathered in a crowd as far as the eye can see and beyond.  Not a one concerned about being bumped or jostled.  No one’s toes being stepped on.  No one reaching for a chair because their back aches from standing and waiting.  No worries.  No frustrations.  Just anticipation.  Then.  Just then, with the sound of perfectly made, holy trumpets, Jesus appears to greet all those He calls His own.  Oh the joy that fills the soul!!!  When the  rustling sound of millions, or trillions, or who knows how many, souls bowing to their knees and declaring Jesus Christ as Lord literally fills every particle of air.  The moment Jesus finally receives the honor and glory due Him.  What incredible hope we have for our future.  What peace and joy are waiting for those of us who believe.  I can’t wait!!!!  Maranatha!!  Our Lord comes!!!!