The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.  I remember hearing that when I was young.  Sometimes it was spoken in jest, when someone lost while playing a game.  Sometimes it was said in earnest during hard times.  Then it was almost a sad resignation to God’s reigning power.  It was a faith, a trust in the One from whom all things come.  It may have been a loss of money, or property, a job, or a life.  Whatever it was, it was God’s to give, and God’s to take away.  

I read an interesting couple of verses this week.  I’ve read it before, many times.  I’ll bet you have, too.  They are Luke 10:39, 41-42:  Martha had a sister named Mary, who was sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to Him teach….  But The Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things.  Only one thing is important.  Mary has chosen the better thing, and it will never be taken away from her.” (NCV)

Boy, can I relate with Martha or what?  My plate is so full, the stuff pours off into piles on the floor.  There is so much to do!  Work the full-time job during the day.  Then there are dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework,  read devotions with each of the 4 boys, tuck them in, manage the the whole thing so that everyone is where they should be, when they should be, with what they should have, etc., etc., etc.  Do I worry that my house isn’t clean enough?  Oh yah.  Does it concern me that number 3 son went to school this morning with a massive bed-head?  Yep.  Do I stress that I will never get caught up on anything…ever?  Guilty as charged!

Seriously!  What world am I living in?!  Martha, Martha…MommaB, MommaB…this world is NOT my home!  What is all the stress for?  All of these things are here only by the grace of God.  The job, the home, even the boys…and I am grateful!  I am blessed!  But they could all be taken from me.  My very soul shivers at the thought.  But what I have always belongs to God before it belongs to me.

There are few things that cannot be taken from us.  Our faith, and our salvation for certain.  Luke 10:42 promises something else.  What will never be taken away from Mary?  What was Mary doing?  She was sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to Him teach.  That is what can never be taken from her.  Does that mean our God-time will never be taken from us?  No.  I’m afraid we have a tendency to give that away rather freely.  But what we get from the time spent in prayer with our Lord, and in reading His Word; time being filled with the Holy Spirit; taught, shown, blessed, strengthened, encouraged…that can never be taken from us.  All the business, all the worry, all the stuff that we fill our lives with, is nothing.  But the time that we have in intimate contact with Jesus, that is a treasure to be stored up; perhaps even hoarded:-)