A couple of weeks ago I wrote about waking up to spend just one hour of my day with God.  For those of you who are wondering, I am doing better…not perfect, but certainly better.  God is such an amazing god, and there are times when I feel completely filled and overflowing with His presence!  I want to sing His praises, and sit in His presence just soaking in all that is Him.  I never regret that time.  There is never a moment after my God-time that I think, “Oh shoot. I really shouldn’t have spent so much time in prayer and reading the Bible.  Now I won’t have enough time to get these dirty clothes clean.”

I wish, on the other hand, that I didn’t find myself so often challenged with the thought that if I plan on keeping my God-time short, then I will be able to get such-and-such accomplished.  I’m like everyone else.  Busy, busy, busy.  Working outside of the home, working in the home, raising a bunch of rowdy boys, helping with homework, feeding them, and feeding them.  It would be so easy to start each day a little bit earlier to get the work done, rather than to pray and read.  But when all is said and done, this is not my home.  I am only here for a while.  When I go to Heaven to be face-to-face with my God, all the dirty laundry will stay here!  Hallelujah!!!  

So yes, I wake each morning to give some of my time directly to God.  I do it to get my heart and mind focused on Him for the day.  I do it to allow Him to strengthen and grow my relationship with Him.  I do it to listen to what He has to tell me, and learn more about the God who made me, and whom I seek to serve.  I do it to ask Him to help me through the day, because I really, really need His help.  

I have my God-time for another reason.  In Luke 12:35 (NCV) Jesus says this:  “Be dressed, ready for service, and have your lamps shining.”  This is in a passage where Jesus is talking about the time when He will return for His people.  But the Spirit revealed to me that this is not just an over-arching, pie-in-the-sky view.  It is not “Jesus is coming again someday, and I should be ready…la-de-da, la-de-da.”  This is every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Every morning, when you wake up, be dressed.  Clothe yourself in the Holy Spirit.  Cover yourself in the blood of Christ.  Be ready for service.  Be alert.  Open your heart and mind.  Listen.  Look.  Ask God to show you where He needs you to serve Him this day.  Have your lamps shining.  Be the light of Jesus in the world you are in, to the people you are with, in each moment, in every situation, for each human heart that crosses your path.

Your God-time, and mine, will prepare us for His service each and every day.  May we be dressed, ready for service, and have our lamps shining today, and tomorrow, and each day forward.  God bless you all!!!