Mark 14:37b-38 – “Couldn’t you stay awake with me for one hour?  Stay awake and pray for strength against temptation.  The spirit wants to do what is right, but the body is weak.”  (NCV)

Okay, I confess.  Lately I have been so tired.  It actually started a while ago.  I decided that I could lay in bed for a while longer if I had my praise and prayer time with God while lying down.  Then I could get up when it was time to read His word.  Oh, it felt so good to lie there for that extra half hour or so.  And climbing out of bed to see the 6:15 on the clock was easier on my tired old mind, too.  But.  Yes, there is always a “but.”  For a while it worked.  I would listen to the Christian music on my iPad while I laid their praising and praying.  And then I would find myself dozing off.  The more days I tried this, the more I took advantage of my pillow and soft blankets.  Before I knew it, I was turning off the music that woke me.   I was barely getting my heart to utter a word or two to my Father.  Then, even when I pulled my rear out of bed to read the Bible, I couldn’t get my mind to focus.  The only thing that was saving my prayer life was the hours and hours of drive time I have with my job.  But even that started to wane.  And before I knew it, all the things that I needed to talk to God about, and the people I needed to pray for, were falling to the wayside as I struggled to just keep my mind focused on anything, let alone the God of the universe.  One day, I completely forgot to pray during that drive time.  I arrived at my destination, and realized with dismay what I had done…or rather not done.

That day without prayer was a wake up call…sort of.  I started to force myself out of bed 15 minutes earlier.  Yes.  Only 15.  My muddled brain tried to focus on Jesus, but there just wasn’t enough juice there.  Finally, yesterday I cried out to Jesus to help me.  And the scripture the Spirit had in my devotions for that morning?  Mark 14:37-38.  Boy did those words jump off the page at me!!!  “Couldn’t you stay awake with me for one hour?”  I could hear Jeses speaking those words directly to me.  Oh, my dear Lord, I am so sorry!  I haven’t given you even just a measly hour of my day. Forgive me!

Jesus gave His very life for me, and He asks of me an hour of my day.  

Yes Lord.  I re-commit to giving You that hour, and whatever else You may ask for. Amen