I often wondered what Jesus coming as a human child looked like.  Obviously His body needed to grow and mature.  But what about the knowledge, and wisdom, etc that were His as part of the Triune God?  I wondered, did He retain all that, but keep it to Himself until the time was right?  It doesn’t  look that way in Luke 2:52, though.  It says He grew in favor with God.  That has to mean He learned to please God.  He did that, of course, without sinning, but by growing His relationship with God the Father.  He sacrificed, in some sense, the very essence of who He was to become a human child in every conceivable way, and then spent His childhood re-developing His relationship with God the Father, of Whom He was/is a full part.  He didn’t just sacrifice being in glory with the Father.  He sacrificed the intimate knowledge and relationship of the Father within Him.  And while He had the Spirit of God within Him, yet He needed to re-learn to recognize it.  Wow.  Complicated to put into words.  The extent of Christ’s sacrifice for me…leaves me without words.  Thank you, JESUS!!!