There is a song playing now and then on Christian music stations.  It asks the question of their faith…what if I’m wrong.  Honestly, I have only heard it a couple of times, and haven’t listened to the words too closely.  But it has gotten me to think. 
   So what if I am wrong?  I believe in one God, the God of the Universe.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The same God who sent His Son, Jesus, to earth in human form with the sole purpose being to bear the penalty of my sins, and the sins of the whole world.  It was a redemptive sacrifice that only Jesus could make, as the only human to ever exist who was fully human, but yet also fully God…perfect, without a single sin of His own.
   And what do I gain for holding this belief, and surrendering my life to this God?  Well, according to the Scriptures, God’s Word, the Bible, I get to live for eternity in Heaven with Him after I die.  I will have a new, perfect body, without sin.  There will be no more sickness, no death, no pain, no tears, no fears, no anything bad.  The bad cannot exist in Heaven because God is perfect, righteous, love, truth, almighty, all knowing, all powerful…all the things that are the complete antithesis of what is bad on this earth.  And bad cannot exist in the very presence of God.
   That is after my death.  What about here in this life?  What do I get for being a follower of Jesus here and now?  The Holy Spirit for starters.  The Bible tells us that when we surrender our lives to Jesus, and make Him our Lord, the Holy Spirit of God comes to live inside of us.  Yes.  I believe that, too.  I believe that the very, actual Spirit of the Living God is living inside of me…right now, as I write these words.  He counsels me.  He comforts me.  He gives me peace.  He admonishes me when I have sinned.  He fills me with His love, God’s love.  He gives me joy.  He speaks to me…I am never alone.  
   What else?  Hope.  He gives me hope for the future, but for the present as well.  I know that no matter what happens to me, to my family and loved ones, to this present world, all things are in His hands.  
   But what if I’m wrong?  What if I spend my life worshipping and serving this God, and He turns out not to exist?  What if?  What if I die, and that is it?  I breathe my last.  My soul is no more.  There is no life after death.  No Heaven.  No eternity with my beloved Christ.  No nothing.  Well, I won’t be pining away in my grave wishing I had lived my life differently.  That is for certain!  Beyond that, would I really have wasted any of my life?  By spending it doing good, trying to be the best person I can be?  Sharing, loving, giving?  What harm is there in any of that?  So I spent extra time studying a Bible and a religion that did not exist.  So I spent time at a church singing praises to a God who wasn’t there.  So what?  Nothing really lost there but time.  And even so, that time could not be considered all lost.  It was still time that helped me to focus on the kind of person I wanted to be, and time spent with the same kind of people.  When it is all said and done, if I am wrong about Christ, I am still out nothing.  Perhaps nothing gained, but nothing lost or wasted either.
   BUT WHAT IF I’M RIGHT?  What if I am right about JESUS, and you are wrong?  What happens to you if you have lived this life erroneously believing that God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit do not exist…and then you die.  You breathe your last.  Your body is buried.  But what happens to your soul?  The Bible tells us that unless a person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, he will NOT see the Kingdom of Heaven.  But he will have an eternal life.  Where will you be through out all of eternity, if you are not in Heaven, in the presence of the Most High God.  The source of all that is love.  All that is pure.  All that is good.  You will be where all evil has been separated from the perfect God.  You will be forever existing in the midst of all that pure evil.  All that is bad.  All that is pain.  All that is sorrow.  All that is fear.  All that is hateful.  All that in its entirety with not a single molecule of good to bring relief.  You will be permanently separated from the love and grace and mercy of God.  You will be in Hell.
   If I am wrong, I am not really out anything.  I live a good life.  Period.  But if I am right and you are wrong, you live perhaps a good life here.  And then live eternally in Hell.  Is it at least worth the time it would take you to consider the possibility of a God who loves you so much that He sacrificed Himself, in the form of His Son, Jesus, all so that you could live eternity with Him in Heaven some day?